Spirit Abides Music

“Sweet To The Soul“ a New Release by Dan Mleczko

After a trying year of health issues, the departure of family members, and many personal struggles, the end result brought me to a point of complete surrender and yielding with what was left of my life, to hearing, obeying, and trusting God. When some may have become embittered by life’s tragedies, it proved to open my eyes to the Mercy of God , being revealed through all the hardships.

His Grace then seen more clearly, and His Love through it all, manifested a sweetness to my soul.

“Sweet To The Soul“ is a loving attempt to embrace and express a joyful and grateful heart to God for His Faithfulness and His Loving Kindness.

May these songs lead you into an intimacy with the Savior, that He so desires to have with those that would enter into His Presence.